Sunday, 20 December 2009

Support your local dictator! Go Green.

One thing that struck me about the spectacle of hypocrisy and excess that has just broken up in Copenhagen. Was that as Milliband, Brown et al where busily engaged in grandstanding on the world stage, they where rubbing shoulders with some very unsavoury company Robert Mugabe. Who is merely the most high profile of the grubby prehensile tyrants that tipped up cap in hand at the massive waste of aviation fuel that was COP15. In fact The Hague might have proved a more apt venue for the gathering of so many human rights abusers, international crooks, fraudsters and war criminals.

Amongst the squadrons of private jets (more than 140 of them) and fleets of bulletproof limousines (An estimated 1200) That began to pull into town a fortnight ago there must have been a few candidates for the international court to have a chat to. But it seems that provided you are singing from the man made global warming hymm sheet all other crimes can be overlooked. The odd part of all this is that in spite of the predicable failure of an all singing agreement Africa alone has wrested £60billion per anum from the developed world. So thanks to cretins like Millipede you and me will be like as not helping to pay for oom Bob’s new private jet or president Obiangs latest armoured Merc. As we pay throught the nose so that some of the most odious and evil scum on earth can enjoy a life of unbridled luxury. Still its good for the planet eh?

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

New helicopters the truth.

Some things never change, Above is an old Tory campaign poster from post war elections, Which it seems is as valid today as it ever was.

If you have taken today’s defence news from the BBC you can be forgiven for thinking that the government have today delivered the much needed boost to British helicopter shortages. The reality is very different. In fact what has actually happened is a defence cut of at least three important RAF squadrons. Plus the mothballing/ decommissioning of two Royal navel ships, the “narrative” put forward by Bob Jobsworth, Is that an extra 22 much needed Chinook helicopters are going to be made available to our troops in Afghanistan.

In truth they will not arrive before our solders are ready to head home. However in the meantime the loss of two Harrier jump jet squadrons must be seen as a blow to British tactical capability on the ground. The reports of this aircraft as “fighters” is mendacious. The Harrier’s designation is GR9 (Ground Role) they are unlike the (over budget, over due, over rated Typhoon Eurofighter) a true troop support weapon. Designed in the cold war to be deployed in forward bases for the sole purpose of attacking enemy positions. A job they have been doing daily in “The Stan” throughout our troops involvement there

This is the worst kind of politicking. Why is the BBC helping the government perpetrate a blatant misrepresentation? And why if they want to make savings do they not scale down the commitment to orders of Eurofighter (as all it’s other EU punters have done) Instead of cutting back on a weapons platform that is both valued & proven

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Puting the CON into concensus"

Channel 4 News tonight featured a live debate with guest our invertebrate environment secretary. Millipede minor was somewhat reticent in his condemnation of mass air travel. I suspect he had been told to tone it down for public consumption, in case the native got restless. in the event the live studio audience appeared to be mostly hand picked Metropolitan true believers. A good deal of gentle ticking off was delivered to the boy Ed. They seemed unanimous that the government were not going far enough in its commitment to Eco-lunacy.

The first contributor Catherine Hetherington from Cockermouth wanted to know what Miliband was going to do to prevent her town from being flooded again. One must question just how hypnotised by big government some people have become? However powerful the Labour government may or may not be. I should hope even Brown doesn't think he can turn back the rain in the sky?

Jon (air miles) Snow incongruously for someone who seems so passionate about global warming and yet this week he's been to Brasil, then Copenhagen before jetting back today to interview millipede, Didn't even try and impersonate journalistic impartiality, At one point prompting the woman from Cockermouth, saying " you have been drowned thanks to global warming". the unanimity was chilling if predictable, Millipede in response to the assertion that he needed to do more and go further from one (Straight from Labour Central Casting earnest young eco-warriors) he replied "I'm in the persuasion business" ( you could have fooled me Ed I thought you were in the fucking fraud & extortion businesses!) in rounding up Snow asked, Is anybody sceptical? Silence apart for one of middle-aged middle-class Islington type who looked at millipede and said Its good, But its not enough. It is utterly visceral, Media and politicians by putting forward a totally one-sided perspective given The CRU leaks I refused to believe that no one could be found who wishes to challenge this "consensus". you see it isn't just the BBC.

Infact by contrast Brillo and Portillo gave very reasoned challenges to raving Eco-fascist Nick Cohen tonight on This Week. Expect their contracts to be rescinded by the Beeb before next week's edition? Mr Cohen's bulging eyed rant which included references to flat earthers, deniers and a reference to sceptics as idiots. its this kind of blind fanaticism which can only swell the ranks of the sceptical.

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Liebour class war

I find lots of Old Holborns blogs scythe through the bullshit effortlessly Privately Educated Labour Comrades is a prime example. I wondered how many liebour tossers had been to public schools. And the man from Old H he say fucking lots. Infact the list is a long one. Great strategy Gordo! Keep it up and we could have Crewe and Nantwich on a national scale.

Monday, 7 December 2009


An astonishing interview took place on today's BBC World at One on radio 4. Chief scientific adviser to the Government Professor John Beddington was interviewed by presenter Martha Kearny. He suggested (quite rightly) that climategate was a conspiracy. But then to my absolute astonishment, He pronounced that the conspiracy was on the part of those who have a hacked into and then leaked the e-mails and information. Martha Kearney then cheerfully suggested that the Russians were at the root of it all. One might have expected her as a serious journalist to enquire if the real conspiracy was not more infact on the part of the CRU?

Viewing the information which has been leaked no fair-minded person could come to any other conclusion than the exchange of e-mails between the scientists and climatologists involved was anything other than a conspiracy not only to pervert evidence and data, But also to undermine, discredit and defame any dissenting voices within their own community. Professor Beddington went on to suggest that records which go back a mere 150 years which are now suddenly being released by the Met Office( who until recently said it would take at least three years to produce this data) would vindicate the"evidence" put forward by his colleagues at the CRU. Given that a significant number of the scientific community worldwide appear to have been conspiring to ignore/ obscure references to the medieval Warm period exclusive because it did not fit in with their "theories". Why Professor Beddington should we believe a word that any of you scientists say?

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Bankers V Steelworkers

It was interesting to note the contrasting attitude of the government toward the ending of steel production at the Corus Teesside cast products factory near Redcar. Unlike the still rising £860.billion in bailouts and subsidies that their friends in the banking industry have enjoyed, No offers of help have been forth coming from business minister lord mandelson. infact, In his interview on the BBC radio 4’s world at one he didn’t even offer his best wishes to the 1700 workers who now face being laid of indefanitly just weeks before Christmas.

How predictable that the labour government so enraptured with the city yesterday saw Alistair Darling fail to sanction a windfall tax on those bankers who ,having had their skins saved by taxpayers money just a year ago are now back to awarding themselves obseen bonuses as though it hadn’t happened,

While just two hundred miles north in a town full of generations of loyal labour voters, 1700 peoples livelihoods are allowed do be tossed away without the slightest mention of intervention.

It leaves you wondering not just what utter twats the government are, but also how much they take the votes of those in the north-east Labour heartlands for granted and what total contempt the labour government has for them.

Thursday, 2 April 2009

£20 million for a photo of this lot?

As you gaze at the picture above this text, It is staggering to consider It has cost the UK tax payer alone in excess of £20 million thus far! Having watched toenails Robinson's report, on the 10 o'clock News this evening (the sycophanticy of which would have made me vomit, if I'd not been so busy swearing at the television.)you could be forgiven for thinking that the one eyed snot gobbler or as a Robinson referred to him the Chancellor of the world's Exchequer(grovling knob!) and the blessed Obama have at a stroke cured all financial crisis and problems for the next hundred years.

Thre reality is that this is yet another extravagant and profligate waste of time and more importantly of OUR money. The truly sickening thing is that the mainstream media is rapidly becoming nothing more than a compliant conduit of propaganda for the so-called great and good. the way in which Brown at a press conference earlier today responded to Robinson's question firstly by saying "I'm glad you asked me that,. it gives me the chance to say....". He might as well have said well done Specky you memorised that perfectly!. A question so clearly a plant it might as well have been delivered in a terracotta pot. The trillion dollar man soubriquet which Robinson has been in such a hurry to bestow upon the one eyed son of the manse. will I have no doubt come back to haunt them both.

In the meantime as I reflect on the fall-out from the G20 summit I'm not entirely sure for whom I have the most contempt our political class or the simpering toadies in the mainstream media?. for now the feltch-fest is over. In just over 400 days so will the Labour government! I sincerely hope I will never in my lifetime again see another Labour government mainly because they are just too damned expensive.